Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No More Posts ON THIS BLOG.

I have stopped posting here.. From now on all my posts will be at one site only here

I think that will save my time and also yours if you are reading my blogs...Moreover I have started thinking..why share my thoughts with the world? My thoughts should be mine only... let me spend more time offline.. there is so much to do before I die... LOL

But still if I do want to share my thoughts I think it better to share it on the PhotoBlog site only... for two reasons:

1. I will not be sharing much so the basic objective of the photo-blog site will not be ruined. [Note all my blogs had different objectives]

2. I can discuss relationships and confused thoughts and the rest better with associated Photos.. I mean I will try to.. because if I can do thatttt, then I can call myself a real PhotoGrapher!! One who can tell stories through the lens!!