Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No More Posts ON THIS BLOG.

I have stopped posting here.. From now on all my posts will be at one site only here

I think that will save my time and also yours if you are reading my blogs...Moreover I have started thinking..why share my thoughts with the world? My thoughts should be mine only... let me spend more time offline.. there is so much to do before I die... LOL

But still if I do want to share my thoughts I think it better to share it on the PhotoBlog site only... for two reasons:

1. I will not be sharing much so the basic objective of the photo-blog site will not be ruined. [Note all my blogs had different objectives]

2. I can discuss relationships and confused thoughts and the rest better with associated Photos.. I mean I will try to.. because if I can do thatttt, then I can call myself a real PhotoGrapher!! One who can tell stories through the lens!!


  1. Hello..So you are saying that my posts are not written in any direction for women. Obviously you have not read all of my articles to come to that result in thinking. If anything...I have had bloggers ask me to lighten up my thoughts.I guess that goes to show you that you
    cannot please everyone!
    In any event...I appreciate your suggestion and I will take it in consideration :)

  2. Uh Oh! I thought always that my english is perfect..[having read in a Roman Catholic School in Calcutta] siggh.. where did I say that?

    I said that all of us are only letting our own personal thoughts appear in our blogs.. thoughts that do not serve any purpose for the world in general except that yeah some may read and pass time..

    But your blog is "more meaningful" which means that your thoughts serve a purpose.. for the women of the world.... and then you also have the web site and all.. true though I have not yet found time to read all your posts.. but my long life has made me understand the taste the pudding by seeing! No need to test.


    I will read .. i will read.. not finding time now that suddenly i am in the midst of vigorous bloggers!!!


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